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Esther, the founder of Within Senses and Senseful Crafts have always been inspired by a creation/ painting/sewing done by someone using their imagination and by hands. Even though we are now living in a completely technology-based environment, there are so many parts of the world where crafts and handmade works are truly appreciated and wanted. As such, wanting to provide artisans, farmers and craftsman with a way to earn a rightful livelihood, Esther embarked on a journey to source for village and artisan crafts that are handmade. All crafts are totally handmade, cruelty-free, environmentally friendly and are sourced and purchased on fair trade terms.


Senses need not be restricted to handicrafts only. Being always keen and inspired by the power of the herbs and natural living, an organic/natural lifestyle is not new to her. Her Masters that she learned from have always introduced her to their works of medicine in the form of a paste, massage oils and many others.


Esther has successfully run online stores plus doing teaching for more than 10 over years. As years pass by, she now wants to dedicate her life to some other purposes. She is now more engaged in spending her time to helping the needy and communities in the place she is in and also in some other countries. She will be sharing more of these on her blog. 

Even though Senseful Crafts does not sell any more products online, Esther wants this platform to feature some handmade products that have fascinated her totally. She will write on these kinds of products in her blog posts which she takes times to write on a regular basis. 


Follow her blogs and be inspired! 





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